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Our designers are happy to come to your home or office and create your customer color palette and professional floor plan, while taking into consideration your lifestyle arrangements and budget.

About The Studio

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Meet Teresa

Hey there! I’m Teresa, your go-to gal at The Studio, right here in the heart of Midland, Texas. With a flair for blending cozy comfort with a dash of elegance, I’m all about transforming houses into homes where every corner tells a story. Think of me as your home’s new best friend.

Whether you’re after a complete makeover or just a little sprucing up, I’m here to weave your dreams into reality, without breaking the bank.

Let’s make your space a sanctuary that reflects your style and soul. Swing by The Studio and let’s chat about turning your home into the haven you’ve always wanted.

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Custom Drapery

Elevate the charm of your windows with our custom drapery services at The Studio. It’s more than just fabric—it’s a statement of your unique style and elegance. We specialize in crafting bespoke window treatments that not only enhance the beauty of your space but also offer functionality.

From selecting the perfect fabric to fitting the final piece, we ensure every detail reflects your personal taste and home’s aesthetic. Let us help you create an ambiance in your rooms that’s both inviting and stylish, with drapery that perfectly complements your home’s decor.

Window Coverings

Window treatments are more than just decor; they serve both practical and aesthetic roles in your home. They offer privacy, control natural light, and can significantly impact energy efficiency. Beyond their functionality, window treatments add that final touch of style, seamlessly tying a room’s design elements together.

Whether you’re looking for sheer elegance, cozy warmth, or a modern edge, the right window treatments can complete the look and feel of any space, making it truly feel like home.


A rug does more than just cover your floor; it brings warmth, comfort, and texture, transforming it into a piece of art that complements your room. Rugs are a simple yet powerful way to add a splash of color, pattern, or softness, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Whether it’s a statement piece or a subtle addition, a well-chosen rug can elevate the aesthetic of any space, making it feel more complete and personalized.


Lighting is key to creating the perfect ambiance and adding personality to your home. Our selection of lamps, chandeliers, and sconces is designed to do just that. Illuminate your spaces with pieces that reflect your style and enhance the mood of any room. Shop with us today to find the perfect lighting solutions that blend function with elegance, making your home shine in its best light.

Wall Treatments

Revitalize your space with the latest trend: textured, faux finish, color, and pattern wallpaper. These options can instantly update any room, adding depth, visual interest, and a modern flair. Perfect for anyone looking to make a bold statement or simply refresh their home’s look.


At The Studio, we cater to every style, look, and budget with a vast selection of options. Whether you’re searching for in-stock items or something specially designed for you, we’ve got it all. Our diverse collection ensures you’ll find just what you need to personalize your space.

Art and Wall Decor

Let your home showcase your unique personality with carefully selected art and architectural pieces. Adding these elements can effortlessly introduce a layer of sophistication and character to any space, making your environment not just a place to live but a reflection of your personal style and elegance.


Adding the right accessory is like signing your name to a masterpiece; it’s that final touch that infuses your space with your personal flair. Whether it’s a vibrant throw pillow, a unique sculpture, or an elegant vase, the right accessory can transform a room, making it truly yours.